You do the best you can. We do our best to help you breathe, move, feel, and do more.
You do the best you can. We do our best to help you breathe, move, feel, and do more.

VIP Skin Deep is about you - your care, comfort, confidentiality and satisfaction.

711 N. Main Street Unit #5, Pleasantville, NJ 08232  Tel. 609.677.9191 9am - Midnight

Massage can alleviate anxiety, stress, pain, swelling, reduced motion and mobility, loneliness, numbness, circulatory problems and rejection. VIP Skin Deep is eager to help you get through you day, night, weekend or special challenge. Walk ins are welcome. Call us now for your appointment.

You do the best you can. At VIP Skin Deep, we do our best to make you more comfortable and able so you can keep doing it. 

Winning. Making ends meet. Beating the odds. Staying a step ahead. Taking care of you and yours. Keeping your game on.
VIP SKin Deep has served local and visiting shakers, makers, doers and high rollers for 15 years. Just 15 minutes from Atlantic City, we provide friendly and faithful care, comfort, confidentiality and satisfaction to our customers every day, morning to midnight.


Walk in or call us now to make an appointment for your private massage or shower: 609.677.9191. 

1. Massage may reduces pain, stiffness, stress, anxiety, lonliness and depression.

2. Massage may improve circulation, attitude, sensation, immunity and health.

3. Massage may improve flexibility, range of motion and movement.

4. Massage may alleviate stress and improve focus, concentration and creativity

5. Massage may help you sleep and relax more restfully and longer.

Why a Massage?

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